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The country of Ilea has always been a significant part of Greece. Its boundless coasts, diverse thick forests, archaeological sites of unique historical importance such as Ancient Olympia - The Ancient Ilida, the magnificent temple of Epicures Apollo, the fortress of Hlemoutsi, fascinating monuments of the Orthodox religion and their monasteries, traditional mountain villages, rare water sanctuaries and medicinal springs. This breathtaking coexistence of outstanding natural beauty with history  comes together in Ilea.

 Prefector of Ilia
P .Dimitroulopoulos

The county of Ilia endowed with natural  beauty, is situated at the north - west part of the Peloponnese, and its coasts are washed by the lonion Sea. Its climate is mild with abundant rain which is responsible for the luxuriant vegetation. Ilia borders on the counties of Achaia, Messinia and Arkadia. The size of the county is 2621 km2 and the landscape is mainly flat.

The magnificent beach of Ag. Andreas near  Pyrgos

Panoramic view of the lake of Kaifa near  Zaharo

The population of Ilia is around 180,000 and represent  1,71 % of Greece's total population. The county consists to two districts: the district  (province) of Ilia of  1,851 km2 and the province of Olympia with of 770 km2.
The population of the two districts are  142,700 and  37,300   respectively. The big urban center of the area is Pyrgos, where the public services are located. Amaliada is  another, important urban center of Ilia.

Katakolo: picturesque port of Ilias

The internatiomal Olympic Academy at Ancient Olympia

The county has  10 municipalities and 207 communities, while there are also many other smaller districts. The registered population of Pyrgos amounts to 28,660, although the daytime population rises to over 40,000 due to those who commute from the surrounding countryside.
Analytically, the population of the municipalities of Ilia is as follows:Pyrgos: 28.660 Amaliada: 15.857 Gastouni: 5.883 Krestena: 5.442 Zaharo: 5.037 Bartholomio: 3.753 Lehena: 3.448 Andravida: 3.253 Anc. Olympia: 1.812 Andritsena: 881

Source book: Tourist guide of Ilias (you can see more picture in our pages)

The Alfios river dam

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